Wellness massages at Naturhotel Holzwurm

Our classic massages for you

This massage relaxes your muscles and takes care for your individual request. It has a powerful effect, as well as deep relaxation. We are using natural oils to have a supporting effect.

Back massage 30 min. 33 €
Leg massage  30 min. 33 €
Back and leg massage 60 min. 65 €
Body massage 80 min. 80 €

Relaxing and revitalizing massage

Different massage techniques lead to a harmonizing and mobilizing effect for body, mind and soul. You will feel like new born.


Body massage 45 min. 45 €
Leg massage 30 min. 33 €
Foot reflexology 30 min. 33 €
Face- and head massage 30 min. 33 €
Skin cleansing and toning massages 30 min. 33 €
With self-determination of the body zone 50 min. 50 €

Hot Stone Massage

Several hot lava or basalt stones are placed on the spine, the hands, and between the toes along the energy centers and energy channels. The warmth of the stones, in combination with the massage, stimulates the blood circulation and relax the muscles.

Classic 30 min. 35 €
Vital 50 min. 55 €

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is based on the thousands of years of Indian knowledge of the Tridosha doctrine of a long life. For a healthy, fulfilling life, the three vital forces Kapha, Pitta and Vata are important, which are responsible for all physical, mental and emotional processes and keeps it in balance. The Ayurvedic massage is a very pleasant, relaxing, stimulating and at the same time detoxifying massage. The warm, flowing oils on the skin will reconcile your vital forces. From the hair roots to the tip of the toes it is a feeling of perfect harmony.

Part massage 30 min. 35 €
Body massage 60 min. 68 €
Body massage 80 min. 85 €
Body massage with herbal foot bath 90 min. 95 €

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

It awakens ease and joy of life. The body and the mind are led to a unique well-being through the sound of Hawaiian music, through strokes with the arms, elbows and strains of the joints.

Lomi Lomi is a wave that gently takes your body out of the 

hustle and bustle of everyday life and releases tensions as well as blockages inside your body.

Body massage

80 min. 85 €

Sound bowl massage

Several sound bowls are placed on the body and hitten softly. Fine vibrations and sounds are going throuth the body, mind and soul up to the cells. The sounds resonate with everything in us and release tension.

Back, stomach and chest

30 min. 33 €


With a combination of ayurvedic massage, energy work and sound bowls the

energy flows throuth your body. Tensions and blockages can dissolve. Just relax.

Ayurveda, sound bowls

70 min. 75 €

Sound bowl meditation

(min. 4 people)


Enjoy the sounds of the planetary shells and feel how blockages and tension can be dissolved in different ways. This form of the sounds have a balancing effect on the physical and emotional level.

Sabine Proft
Sabine Proft

Our applications are not medical or therapeutic treatments, they serve only for your well-being and relaxation. They are carried out by Mrs. Sabine Proft from the Institute Proft-Vital.


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