Well-being massages at Naturhotel Holzwurm


Treat yourself to something very special with one of our many feel-good massages.

We - Angelika Fischer and Eugen Oberle - are happy to welcome you to our feel-good massages at the Naturhotel Holzwurm.

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Our offer for you:

Classic back massage

The classic massage is the best-known form of massage to relieve tension and loosen the muscles. The massage techniques range from stroking and stretching to kneading and various other techniques. The result is a vitalisation of the muscles which helps to loosen the hardening. Tension in the neck muscles is very well relieved. The classic massage is the ideal massage to treat and release the tensions caused by work and everyday stress.

Back                           25 minutes       30 €
Arms, legs                  25 Minuten       30 €
Full body                     55 Minuten       60 €

Aroma massage

The aroma massage has a good effect on body, mind and soul. The soothing and stress-relieving effect comes from the natural aromatic oils. This massage is an absolute anti-stress massage. According to your wishes, relaxing or stimulating organic oils are used.

Back                           25 minutes       30 €
Arms, legs                  25 Minuten       30 €
Full body                     55 Minuten       60 €



Breuss Massage

The Breuss massage is an energetic spinal massage that loosens the spine and sacrum. The massage is carried out with St. John's herb oil, which is massaged deep into the intervertebral discs, congested energy flows again, mental pressure and stress are reduced.

Back                           25 minutes       35 €

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage that touches the soul while massaging. You are immersed in another world that appeals to all the senses. The touches of the massage connect body and mind. During the Lomi Lomi massage, old patterns of behaviour are discarded, blockages and tensions are released. A Lomi Lomi massage goes deep, it stimulates the healing powers. The massage causes the exchange of negative energies for positive ones.

Full body                     55 Minuten       63 €

Ayurvedische Massage

Ayurveda is an Indian healing art. According to it, it is important for a healthy, fulfilled life to balance the three vital forces Kapha, Pitta and Vata, which are responsible for all physical, mental and spiritual processes. The massages have a cell-renewing, vitalising, rejuvenating effect and holistically support well-being.

Back                           25 minutes       35 €
Full body                     55 Minuten       66 €

The treatments are not medical treatments. They serve your well-being and relaxation.



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